Mine Sites

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Kansanshi Project

Bulyanhulu Gold Mine

Chirano Gold Mine

Golden Pride Project

Lane Xang Minerals

Sepon Gold Mine

Phu Bai Mining

Pangea Minerals

Boroo Gold

Argyle Diamond Mine


Gidgee Gold Mine

Wagerup Refinery

Jubilee Mine

Dalgaranga Gold Mine

Fortnum Gold Mine

Great Central Mine

Mt McClure Gold Mine

Granites Gold Mine

Wirralee Gold Mine

Plutonic Gold Mine

St Ives Gold Project

Crescent Gold Limited

Big Bell Operations

Sons Of Gwalia

Equigold NL

AngloGold Ashanti


Como Engineers Pty. Ltd. – SMITHS 1840mm tube fan units with 30.0kw motors.

Thrifty Car Rental – 2 SMITHS spray paint booths (4.8w x 4.7h x 13.2d & 4.2w x 2.8h x 8.4d)

The Original Pretzel Company Pty. Ltd. – 3 SMITHS 900mm ‘316’ stainless steel Industrial Air Curtains, 9 SMITHS 1200mm ‘316’ stainless steel Industrial Air Curtains.

January Engineering – 48 SMITHS 1300mm ‘316’ stainless steel Industrial Air Curtains.

Devcon Australia – 11 SMITHS 1500mm ‘316’ stainless steel Industrial Air Curtains, 3 SMITHS 1300mm ‘316’ stainless steel Industrial Air Curtains.

Graeme Herring And Associates – 10 SMITHS 1550mm ‘316’ stainless steel fan units.

Scitech – SMITHS 5.5kw Pulse–Jet Catridge dust collector with 200L collection bin.

Nathan’s Cabinets – SMITHS 112 bag, 15.0kw reverse–pulse dust collector

Colour Door – 2 SMITHS Galvanised Spray Paint Booths 7.7d x 4.4w x 2.3h.

Westrac – 10 SMITHS 900mm roof mounted Industrial Silent Breeze fan units.

Rexel Australia – SMITHS 4 cartridge, Heavy Duty, filter pressurising units.

Placer Pty. Ltd. (Granny Smith) – SMITHS Three Stage filter unit complete with 55.0kw centrifugal fan.

Haden Engineering – 38 SMITHS ‘316’ stainless steel Industrial Air Curtains.

The Smiths Snackfood Company Ltd. – 15 SMITHS ‘316’ stainless steel Industrial Air Curtains.

Metro Brick – SMITHS 120 bag Auto. Pulse–Jet Dust Collector with 22.0kw fan.

Coromal Caravans Pty. Ltd. – SMITHS 140 bag reverse–pulse dust collector.

Electric Motor Sales – 64 SMITHS 1250mm axial flow fans

Mazenod College – SMITHS ’Quiet–Jet’ dust extraction system.

Aronmore Catholic College – SMITHS 112 bag Pulse Jet Dust Collector, SMITHS Spray Paint Booth.

Coastline Kitchens – SMITHS 144 bag Auto Pulse–Jet 30.0kw dust collection unit.

Western Mining Corporation – SMITHS 110kw belt drive centrifugal fan unit with 415volt motor.

Bunnings Forest Products – 32 SMITHS 1250mm reversible axial flow impellers.

St Norbet College – 2 SMITHS 84 bag Auto–Reverse Pulse dust collection unit.

Worsley Alumina Pty. Ltd. – SMITHS 1530mm fan unit fitted with 30.0kw motor, 2 SMITHS 600mm axial flow vent fans.

Johns Engineering and Cranes – 4 SMITHS 1250mm axial flow aerofoil Spray booth fan units.

Direct Engineering Services – 14 SMITHS axial flow aerofoil ventilation fans, 4 SMITHS DIDW centrifugal fan units, 36 SMITHS 1008mm dia axial flow fan units, 18 SMITHS 400mm dia axial flow fan units.

Posgold (Big Bell) Pty. Ltd. – SMITHS cartridge type filter unit fitted with centrifugal fan unit, Auto–reverse–pulse.

Christ Church Grammar School – SMITHS ventilation and extraction systems to Oxy welding area, Arc welding area, Furnace area, Painting area, Wood lathes.

Clarecraft Industries Pty. Ltd. – SMITHS cyclone type dust collection unit complete with centrfugal fan unit.

Leighton Contractors Pty. Ltd. – 4 SMITHS transportable 2.2kw, Reverse–Pulse dust collectors.

Transfield ASI – 5 SMITHS fan units for patrol boats, comprising 12 tube mounted axial flow fan units.

Mechanical Project Management Pty. Ltd. – 20 SMITHS fan units for Joondalup Sports Complex Project.

Australian Ship Building Industries – 14 SMITHS tube mounted, axial flow, aerofoil units for Oil rig tender vessel.