WH Smith & Co Pty Ltd are an Australian based manufacturing organization that commenced operations, soon after World War II by Mr William Henry Robert Smith.

Our first designs came about by the urgent need of Australia’s new industries, factories and mines to control the environment for their staff and equipment. In the ensuing years we contributed to the design of many of our country’s production and minesite facilities. Ultimately our company had developed a very large database of products, for the fast growing industries that required many products that were unavailable in Australia.

Spray Booths, Fans and Filters to AS4114 Portable Axial flow and Centrifugal fans, Portable Fume and Dust Collection units, Roof and Wall mounted exhaust fans, Axial flow and Centrifugal impellers, Auto-Reverse Pulse Dust Collectors, Dust and Fume collection system, ‘Silent Breeze’ Ventilation units, Pressurizing Filter units, Ventilation systems, Air Curtains